I guess many people view of artists are of strange obsessive creatures, often with a taste in big floppy hats, flowing scarfs and spattered smocks!! well think again.

Mind you,

I think the strange bit is pretty damm accurate!! at least my better half would agree with that. But when it comes to hats we artists need a whole range of differing styles because we need to be proficient in a variety of trades. This last few weeks for example has seen little painting done in the Fraz studio, granted a short break down to the South of France was partly to blame. Poor man I hear you say! but hey, someone has to drink their wine and eat our seafood.

Funnily enough, I actually met an artist while there, who did indeed wear the floppy hat, cravat and smock, all carefully co-ordinated to match up with his long flowing blonde hair which he proudly flicked over his shoulder from time to time (lucky BA#%*^D).

Anyway as explained in my last post Read it Here, I have gone over to painting on rigid panels which prompted the creation of the Handy Fraz Drying Rack. Then a little more thought about my panels (I should not read in bed, very dangerous) and their framing options prompted a design modification.
So the last week or so has seen me strengthing my panels with timber batons at the back, not only will this prevent warping as the paint and atmospheric conditions dry the panels out. But they provide options to attach hooks or screws when framing. As you can see in the photos they look pretty good and I was very pleased with them

BUT, you guessed it......

they would no longer fit in the damm drying rack I was so proud of.... so I had to go back and build a bigger stronger version 2 Drying Rack. Painting.. when will I find the time?