Seeds of change

Well, first of all let me say that my present studio is huge and brilliant compared to my first shed. The seeds of change from free radical to organised bliss began soon after I first started painting again. Initialy I was using pastels so I was content with a tabletop easel and some towels on the floor, easy peasy and very enjoyable. Of course I soon wanted to paint bigger canvases to try and get across the drama I like in my paintings so much. Well, you will no doubt sympathise with my patient and forgiving better half that painting with Acrylics in the living room was never going to be an option! so that was me off to the garden shed

Just an ordinary 8 x 6 shed attached to my wooden greenhouse, full of tools, a workbench, and lots of clutter I was saving for the day when I might need them. The light was terrible and my work suffered a little from that , so I was pleasantly surprised when I was informed (after some hint dropping) that I might have a summerhouse but on condition I was to make sure it could be used for its original purpose i.e. a summerhouse.

So the partial man cave challenge was on

The extra room from my new studio was and still is fabulous, especially the amount of light flooding in through the windows and glazed doors. However, my studio is not massive so finding room to store lengths of picture frame mouldings. framing tools, mount boards, canvases of all sizes plus the usual panoply of paints, mediums, solvents, brushes, 2 photography soft box lights and because it has to double on sunny days as a summmerhouse tables and chairs are required.

Well up to now I have been able to achieve just that and everything has its place. But with a lot of thought and strict adherance to putting things back after use which was always my big problem I now find I am able to work all year round but still open up the studio to the family when required

Now, I love my current studio but I am already measuring up for the next one at twice the size ( but I have not quite brought that up in conversation yet, maybe when I retire?).

The next big challenge

I am taking part in the inaugral Art Trail in mid June of the Eden Valley Artistic Network, and I will be opening up my studio to the public, but as you can Imagine it wont take long to see it all... so I am turning my new organising skills to creating gallery space in the garden and extending into my living room (which is almost a gallery anyway). It promises to be an interesting weekend for me as it is my first exhibition, and although I have no doubts that I can create a wonderful gallery space to show my work off, but will any one actually turn up.
I really hope so as I would love to see you all and show you what I do.

Left side of the studio
Fig2. Each item has its place, box or allocated wall area.

Summerhouse as well
Fig3. my studio has turned into a summer retreat