The Process

Firstly, you will have already viewed my work so will be familiar with how I paint, if not please take a look at my portfolio. Hopefully, this is what attracted you to ask about a commission in the first place and you are happy that any final commission will be painted in my own style and process.

See my portfolio.

Making the connection

A commission is not just a painting it is your vision that you would like realised, so I will start a conversation with you either online or physically. Listening to your thoughts, looking at your visuals (if available), maybe sketching out some ideas and thoughts together, making site visits to take photographs and sketches if this is possible, until we arrive at a plan we are both happy with.

There are a number of areas we need to agree on before work can start.

  • The size of the painting
  • The format i.e. square, panoramic, portrait,landscape .
  • The colour plan we will use
  • Where it will hang in your home or other locations ( this may affect what colour plans we use and can avoid embarrising clashes).
  • Whether you would like the artwork framed on completion and if yes what style of framing you prefer.

I will then send you a quotation with costs and approximate timescales (can vary depending upon prior committments), I will ask for a small deposit usually about £30-50 depending upon size of artwork commissioned .

Final payment is upon collection, and only if you are pleased with the result.
If you are not happy then there is no obligation on your part to make the final payment, I only ask to keep the small deposit which will be used to cover my material costs

To start the process either:

  • email me on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Ring/text on 07770573749
  • By FB Messenger from My Facebook Page