Mixed media on canvas - 40 x 32 inches

Antibes in the South of France is one of my favourite vacation destinations. Despite being one of the largest marinas in the Mediterranean and home to some of the biggest Billionaires boats you will ever see, Antibes, has kept its working centre intact. The market which runs 6 days a week is the beating heart and my favourite place to sit with a coffee or a pastis at any time of the day.

The market itself is vibrant and runs during the morning with strong Mediterranean sunlight flooding the edges of the market. By lunchtime the market is cleared and washed down with amazing speed, tables and chairs from the cafes round the edges spill into the space, ready for hungry market goers and visitors alike.

This painting was for me, I wanted to paint a loose impressionistic view of the market using oils, graphite and oil pastels, avoiding too much careful detail and trying to catch the vibrance of this wonderful atmospheric place, a memory for me as I get older.