Oils on Wood Panel 24 x 20"

Another painting from a holiday in Dartmouth, Devon in 2014. The reason we were there is interesting enough! as it stemmed from overhearing a conversation between two ladies on one of the many water ferries that cross Lake Como in Italy.

"It is very nice here, but it is no better than Dartmouth " was the comment, now this intrigued Janet and I, as Lake Como is particularly beautiful?? so we just had to go and see for ourselves.

We were lucky enough to have a week of hot sunshine which always helps, and yes the Dart Valley did live up to the anticipation. Along with the amazing seafood available everywhere it turned out to be a fabulous week and as a painter, the location was inspiring.

Anyway, back to the painting... We decided to walk from Dartmouth to the little village of Dittisham on a very hot day. A distance of only 4 miles but constantly up and down steep wooded coombes and rounding creeks makes it feel longer, and on a hot day thirsty work, this painting was just one of the many superb views we experienced before we dropped down into the idyllic village of Dittisham.

A superb seafood lunch, a glass of chilled local produced Sharpham wine on the terrace of the amazing Anchorstone restaurant, and the boat ferry back to Dartmouth restored the spirits no end

What a lovely day, I just hope I have done the scene justice