Oils on Wood Panel 30x 20"

We recently spent a lovely but too short week in North Norfolk, such a lovely coastline and a real painters delight

It has all the drama and wildness of my own Solway marshes, but so much more focal points. Apart from the lovely villages, reed filled creeks and windmills but also some very quaint and industrial harbour and mooring areas such as the focal point of this painting

Brancaster Staithe Harbour was once a busy port where sailing ships carried cargo of coal and grain, for a malt house said to be the biggest in England.
Trade declined in the 1800s, but a thriving fishing industry survives, and today the harbour bustles with pleasure craft and the boatyard with its debris of the fishing industry mixed with a multitude of crafts of all sizes really appealed to me.

As usual I wanted to imagine the scene when it was peaceful and quiet, without the usual tourists and with a lovely morning spilling shadow and reflections onto the water.

Limited edition Print

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