Oils on Wood Panel 16x12"

We had just returned from a fabulous and very hot holiday in the Italian Lakes, next morning dawned with a good forecast so decided we would have a walk in our own Lake District and opted to try a route we had never walked before. It was one of Wainwrights routes over Matterdale common to St Johns in the Vale.

Not the most scenic of walks as it is mostly over wetland and moor, weather was close and clammy with a fair bit of fast moving cloud hanging about over Blenacthra on our right.
It was one of those days I look for as a painter as every now and again we would have a break in the cloud, with sunrays illuminating parts of the landscape below and casting strong shadows.

This scene really appealed to me with the straight path cutting through a little gully and finally dispearing over the brow of the distant hill. and of course Blencathra broiled in cloud to my right

Limited edition Print

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