Oils on Wood Panel

30 x 18 inch - Oils on Panel

Inspired from a recent holiday on Lake Como in the Italian Lakes, Pescallo is a lovely little former fishing hamlet just over the hill from beautiful Bellagio. This was not our first visit, we visited Pescallo in 2014 and enjoyed a superb meal of black pasta with shrimps in a white wine sauce that was just delightful. It also helped we were sitting right on the waterside in a very atmospheric setting. While waiting for food we watched diners arriving by boats and mooring on the restaraunts own quey, it made for a memorable meal.

So when we came back in 2019 a return trip was definitly on the cards. As it so happend it all went wrong , after a very very hot walk (34 degrees) over the hill we found the restaurant was closed,we should have checked but hey.

Still, I just loved this view and wanted to paint it, I have tried to stay to loose and keep it impressionistic, but I had to stop myself tinkering in the end, after all It was the strong light and shadow that drew me to it and that was I wanted to catch.

Limited edition Print

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