• Acrylics:
  • Canvas- 24 x 30 Inches

This is a follow up Painting to "Storm Gods over Patterdale" See it here. A very different style of painting again ( I do like mixing my styles up) , bold brush and palette knife strokes with minimal detail to capture the wild gale which turned the lake into almost a mini sea

The story behind the painting

We knew the weather was going to cut up a bit on my last afternoons sailing, so we took the 20 foot Hawk, a very stable, sea worthy vessel which should you think! make light work of a blow on a lake.
However, we could not have known just how rough it was going to get... We had sailed down past Aira Force and were tacking our way back home to base at Glenridding.
It was a bit rough but fine sailing (although the clue should have been that no other boats were about including ferries) until we rounded the dog leg at Silver Point and were hit by the full force of the storm blowing down from Patterdale and Kirkstone Pass.

What followed was an exhilarating 2+ hours as we repeatedly tried to round Norfolk Island to begin the zig zag route back to base, but we were blown back several times and forced to try again. Eventually we rounded the island and were able to battle our way back home but it still took well over an hour.

I just loved it, constantly switching sides and setting the jib to maintain our progress, balancing over the side trying to use our weight to ballast and trim against the severe gusts, spray and rain stinging my eyes and face, what an experience. Just brilliant . I was very happy though when the instructor took over the helm as I was not experienced enough to get us home.

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