What is this project

Prior to this project I was not thinking of producing prints yet despite a number of requests to do so. I was still happy trying out new ideas, painting styles and continuing to learn. It was only after I received a panoramic photograph from a friend and professional colleague with a view to painting it, that I had the notion of producing a print so we could both share in the final painting.

Initially it was just a thank you gesture then I thought the information would be useful for the future

I should have known!!!

That initial idea sparked my tendency to dive head first into things and what was initially a simple idea it grew into something much bigger. So, I spent some time looking online for help with the various processes I had to learn, and although I was able to glean enough information it was fragmented, conflicting and in many places.

So thinks I, why not document and photograph the whole project so others will be able to find all this information in a single source (and at my forgetful age I can dip back in when needed), my interest was piqued so this project was up and running

Get the full project in my comprehensive guide created in Adobe Spark (external link)

Canvas to Print